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  • Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE 135A)
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE 135A)
    Characteristics CPE135A has excellent physical properties, such as high toughness at low temperature, high tensile strength. Its dissolve parameter...
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE 135A)
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE 135C)
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE 135C)
    Characteristics CPE 135C has great adaptability with flame retardant ABS. It can increase the filing capacity while not decrease the impact ...
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE 135C)
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 135B)
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 135B)
    Characteristics This product has good mechanical properties, suitable Mooney viscosity and good electrical insulation properties. Main Functions ...
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 135B)
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 130)
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 130)
    Characteristics CM130 has very high filling capacity for ferrite powders, superior magnetic power and good flexibility and ductility at low ...
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 130)
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 352)
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 352)
    Characteristics This product has good mechanical properties, good electrical edge performance and moderate Mooney viscosity. Main Functions ...
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 352)
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 352J)
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 352J)
    Characteristics CM352J has excellent mechanical property and good volume resistance. Its insulation quality is above all other similar mater...
    Chlorinated Polyethylene(CM 352J)

About Us

0.6 greater than 1 performance saves you 10% of the cost

Potential champion in the field of high performance chlorinated polyethylene

Softer, more elastic, and more resistant to low temperature brittleness

99% to 99.9% quality control standards

A number of patents have been obtained

No customer quality complaints for 6 consecutive years

Selling our products to various countries and regions

【Jinhua’s Statement】
It is rather pointless to compare CPE products from different producers based solely on price, as it often leads to suffering in performance. Jinhua, on the other hand, holds its quality control high consistently. Naturally it costs us market margin, but we are more than confident to state that we have always been supplying the best CPE to our customers.
“It does not trouble me when customers put our products in comparison with others’, what makes me worry is that most of them do even bother to do this kind of research and investigation” says our founder Dong Yi.
“CPE is an old thing, but in the same time it is still very young. There is so much more we can improve, and various new application are being developed every year. The acid-based production method (patent covered) shortens the production period while saving 2/3 of the water needed, and my product still performs better than all of theirs. Yet people seem to stop learning about CPE, ignoring the fact the it is still developing.”
Jinhua also prides itself with the stability of its product. The military-grade central quality control system has an accuracy rate of 100%. Yes, 100%.
【10 years experiences in PVC additives industry, innovations lead to high performance CPE】

Impact resistance is a crucial weakness for several plastic materials such as PVC, PS and PP, especially under low temperature and CPE is considered the answer to that. However nowadays quite a few producers are supplying substandard product due to the vicious price competition. There’s even a general “common sense” that CPE is getting less and less elastic. “10 years ago, I would never dare to say 0.6 of my product equals 1 of others’. I am very sorry that they have compromised, but it seemed to be the only way.” Says Dong Yi. “I can survive to now because there are still customers who are willing to learn a bit about CPE and just as stubborn as I am” (as can see in our Client-Witness)
【What’s So Special about us?】
1. We have the most numbers of Patent in the industry, and we are more than welcome to show us each and every one of them and how it makes our product better.

2. Astounding consistency in quality control. Some say that consistency is just as important as performance. Especially in our line of work. Not only do we control the consistency to such extent, we also give each batch of our product a unique code for quality tracing even though there has never been a quality related complain.

3. The Best Elongation at Break parameter, which is an essential indicator of how CPE can enhance the impact resistance of plastic based products.
【Unusual services】

Nothing new, we simply do more than we are asked.
We welcome all the customers to our lab with their own “CPE” and run tests for them, letting them aware whether the CPE is decent or not, providing accurate parameters and so they can freely do the comparison. We also provide honest information to guide some of customers what to expect and how to determine and test out the substandard CPE, therefore they can go to any third party institution with that knowledge to run tests and then be able to make the most-informed decisions. In addition, customers can visit our workshop any time of the year and actually go grab a handful of CPE, whether it is unpacked, packed, fresh dried, any CPE they lay their eyes on to test the performance. Dong Yi believes it shows our confidence in consistency and honesty.
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    Quality (patents, quality control, consistency, unique batch code)

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    Fully covered industrial wastage discharge licensed and equipment (No risk of sudden shutdown or inspections)

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    A learning and young company. We look forward to growing with our customers and tending their needs.

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    Our dedicated, efficient, and professional team will provide you the best services.


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